Courses I've been enrolled in (in graduate school):                                     << back to Mark VanDam's main page >>

    Phonological Analysis (LING 542, Stuart Davis)

    Syntactic Analysis (LING 543, Yoshihisa Kitagawa)

    Introductory Phonetics (LING 541, Ken DeJong)

    Advanced Phonological Description (LING 600, Stuart Davis)

    AAVE Grammar and History (LING 700, Stuart Davis)

    Historical Linguistics (LING 530, Paul Newman)

    Structure of Hungarian (LING 590, George Fowler)

    Language Typologies (LING 670, Robert Botne)   

    Opacity Effects (LING 712, Dan Dinnsen)

    Structure of Modern German (GERM 551, Rex Sprouse)

    Modern Philosophy of Science (HPSC 552, Michael Friedman)

    Morphological Analysis (LING 544, Robert Botne)

    Linguistics in the 19th Century (LING 700, Stuart Davis)

    History of the German Language (GERM 532, Rex Sprouse)

    Advanced Phonetics (LING 641, Robert Port)

    Syllables and Prosodic Morphology (LING 712, Stuart Davis)

    Acquisition of German of 1st and 2nd Language (GERM 540, Rex Sprouse)

    Prosody and Intonation (LING 710, Ken DeJong)

    Loanword Phonology (LING 710, Stuart Davis)

    Phonetics in Phonology (LING 900, Donca Steriade)

    Language and Community (LING 900, Natalie Schilling-Estes)

    Computational Approaches to Reference (Ling 900, Jeanette Gundel and Massimo Poesio)

    Contact Linguistics (LING 900, Carol Meyers-Scotton)

    PERL for Linguists (LING 900, Michael Hammond)

    Computational Morphology and Phonology (LING 900, John Goldsmith)

    Universal Grammar and Second Language Acquisition (L900, Usha Lakshmanan)

    Markedness in Phonology (L900, Doug Pulleyblank)

    Cognitive Foundations of Language (L900, Ray Jackendoff)

    Reading French (FRIT 492, Rebecca Petrush)

    Statistics for Information Science (SLIS 597, John Paolillo)

    Statistical Analysis for Psychological Experiments (PSCH 610, Colleen Moore)

    Mathematical Statistics (MATH 467, Michael Trosset)