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Personal pics.
... Christmas, 2012 in Spokane.
... Auggie May.
... Mark, Tricia, Aug, Lingo, and Annie (although Annie is not yet born), July 2012 in Spokane.
... At a pumpkin patch, 2011.
... Tricia and Aug at the Omaha zoo, summer 2012.
... Tricia and her sister, from long, long ago.
... me in glasses (May 2008)
... I built some flower boxes for the back and front of the house late in 2009. Here is the finished product (along with one planter on the ground) with Lingo ardently admiring, doing his best RCA-dog impression.
... Tricia and I in a photo booth in the Spring of 2009. We were at my cousin Aaron Petersen's wedding in Detroit. We are not actually pained, pleading for our lives, or terrified. No academics were injured in the production of these photographs.
... standing in the back of the truck with the dog, at my house in Omaha (Fall 2009).
... me and Tricia at her sister's wedding in September 2008 in Portland, OR.
... me in a classroom at Univ Wisc-Madison (Fall 2005)
... brother Christopher Van Dam, sister Kaitlin, and me, Spring Lake, MI (Summer 2006)
... my mom, with flowers, the American Flag, and, below frame, an apple pie on her lap, Spring Lake, MI (Summer 2006)
... sister Marissa, Bloomington, IN (Fall 2002)
... me with a fish friend, Amelia Earhart Park, Miami-Dade, FL (February 2006)
... me at Yellowstone, WY (August 2003)
... Tricia checks if I'm pregnant. I'm not. Spring Lake, MI (Summer 2006)
... my dad driving a boat, Spring Lake, MI (Summer 2006)
... my dad at my grandparents' condo, circa 1974 or so. He's in his mid- to late-20s here. Nice 'stache.
... me and Andrea Smidt (now Andrea Sittema) at our high school graduation, Grand Rapids, MI (June 1995)
... me and Tyler VanDam, Marissa's son, Jalisco, Mexico (Winter 2007)
... still shot of me barefoot waterskiiing, Spring Lake, MI (Summer 2006)
... AND, here's a still from THE MOVIE of me barefoot waterskiing ,Spring Lake, MI (Summer 2006). [WMV, 55 sec, ~13mb, no sound]
... Nick Smith on his birthday, in his office, Omaha, NE (March 2008)

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